Clos de Lion Red Hot Khana

Chow Chow - Red Female ....Date of Birth: November 3, 2004

Sire: CH Redcloud Bagua of Tienshaw
Dam: CH Clos de Lion Hot Sauce
Breeder: Judy Allen - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In early 2004 I began a serious search for the perfect puppy. I wanted a Chow Chow to add to my little gang of canines (two German Shepherds - Trick and Tori, and two Chows - Kylee and Dora). My youngest dog was six years old, and Kylee was my oldest at nearly 13. I felt I was due for a puppy.

When I started contacting people, I had a list of specifications for this new pup. I wanted an athletic chow, one with exquisite temperament and physical ability. I wanted intelligence and enthusiasm. In no way did I want a ponderous, overly heavy dog like someI've seen in conformation shows. My pup needed to have an open face with good peripheral vision and the ability to breathe freely. I wasn't concerned with the type of coat really, although I preferred a lighter color as the black dogs have a harder time in the sun. I also wanted a female.

With these things in mind, I began searching the internet. I posted on dog lists. I even spent hours and hours going through rescue ads - after all, Kylee had been a rescue and she is unarguably one of the best working Chows ever. I just wasn't finding what I wanted. I did find an occasional breeder that seemed to have the style I wanted, but it never quite worked out. Either they had no pups and weren't breeding any time soon, or they wouldn't answer my questions quite right and I'd get uneasy about them. The search just went on and on.

Then in December, someone suggested I contact Judy Allen in Ontario, Canada. Before I could even email Judy, she wrote to me as the person had also given her my info. Judy and I had actually had some contact years earlier, as I had helped her out with a behavior problem she was having with one of her dogs. The suggestions I'd given her had helped and her dog went on to successfully complete her championship, so Judy had good memories of our contact. It was December 13 and Judy had a litter that was nearly 6 weeks old. The dam of this litter was actually being trained in obedience, which was a HUGE thing to me. We began corresponding and I had a very good feeling about it all. I was only able to see a couple of photos of Khana, and a photo of the sire and dam - since the pups were in Ontario, Canada (east coast) and I'm in Alaska (thousands of miles away) there just wasn't a possibility of seeing these pups in person. Judy and I emailed back and forth and she answered every question I had. She gave me contact information for the breeder of the sire (Redcloud Kennels) and also her veterinarian. In a very short time, I had committed to buying a puppy and Judy had committed to sending me one.

Khana arrived the evening of December 30. I drove to Anchorage to pick her up. It was a bit of a hectic time getting her, as the airlines had told me to go to the freight office but when I got there, they sent me clear over to the international terminal as the pup had to go through customs first. Since it was later in the evening, I had to wait quite awhile for someone to open up customs. When the customs officer came to the door, she was carrying Khana, who was snuggled up against her. I took Khana and she laid her head against my cheek - and the love and bond between us started immediately.

I am still impressed with how this pup handled her trip. After some 12 hours or more in transit, she was playful and happy. I put her on the floor in the customs office and she followed me around, chewing on my feet. Back at the motel, she played with Trick (who outweighed her by some 60 pounds) with absolutely no fear and no stress. I sat on the floor and took pictures, laughing as she tried to jump over my outstretched legs. From day one, Khana was perfect for me and she has remained that way.

As I write this, Khana is six months old and still as perfect a puppy as I could have ever asked for. I credit her breeder for most of this. When you start with quality and breed for temperament and physical soundness, you have a good start. Add to that the early socialization that Judy gives to her puppies (she took them to visit people, traveled in the car with them, taught them to accept a kennel - all this before the pups left her at 8 weeks old) and you are likely to have puppies that handle changes as well as Khana did.

I have continued on from there with socialization and training. Khana is consistent outdoors off-leash and has a beautiful recall. She is very social and interested in people and everything around her. Khana also plays daily with the adult dogs and that has been an excellent way for her to develop "dog skills" and to become physically fit. She spends quite a bit of time with her buddy Trick, who is an excellent mentor. Trick is so very responsive to me, and Khana follows her lead.

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